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Alliance Françaiseactivities

Sing in French with Claire Chanet

Artist, musician, singing teacher, vocal art therapy

A light-hearted workshop to make your voice thrill to the sound of French. Wake up your body and play vocal games with songs of yesterday and today!
Singing stimulates language learning, improves the accent and pronunciation, and enriches the vocabulary.
Claire brings you activities to wake up your voice and make youlive life to the full through French music!


Dancewith Patricia CHALULEU

Professional dancer and teacher

Ballroom dancing classes, as traditionally enjoyed in France!
Quickly learn the steps, and steps and come and dance to the rhythm of a waltz or a java!

Wine-tasting with Pascal LIEBEAUX

Master of Wine

You can't leave France without having been to a workshop organised by Pascal, who will introduce you to the subtleties of wine and the foods which harmonise with it!

Dance theatre width Edouard Hue

Professional dancer, contemporary artist and resident for the third year at l'Auditorium Seynod.

Beaver Dam is a Franco-Swiss contemporary dance company, under the artistic direction of Edouard Hue. His choreography is mainly based on instinct, trying to develop the most appropriate physical expression for each individual student. His work with the Alliance Française d’Annecy focuses on bringing the Alliance's foreign students closer to Annecy people.These encounters are created in cultural workshops with links to both theatre and dance, using the French language to interpret them.


Auberge Savoyarde

Once every week, come and meet us! You bring your own meal, we provide dessert and coffee!


A course in historic and architectural orienteering in Annecy old town.


Visit cultural and historic sites on one Friday of every month (Château de Menthon, Citia (Centre for Moving Images), Musée de la Cloche (Bells and bell-ringing) etc