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How to join the Alliance Française d'Annecy

If you have a taste for languages and cultural exchanges;
if you'd like to share your own culture and learn about others,
if you want to work towards creating links, and for French-speaking countries,
join the Alliance Française d’Annecy!

You’ll meet students from all over the world, and can take part in entertainments and different types of cultural activities.
If you are dynamic, and would like to make a voluntary commitment, you can also get involved in the effort by passing on information about our communications and publicity activities!
Thank you for joining in our efforts to bring the French language to life!

Full members:
Join the association with the aim of benefiting from the Alliance's services and activities free of charge, or at a preferential rate.

Volunteer members:
Agree to give financial support to the association, to contribute an amount greater than that paid by full members, or are those who regularly donate to the Association. The title, which is an honorary one, does not confer any particular rights.

Founder members:
Are those who took part in the constitution of the Association. They are appointed in the statutes, and are identified as signatories of the AGM minutes.