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General Conditions of Sale

To register, you have to be at least 18 years old at the time of the registration. Minors under the age of 18 may enrol in a "school exchange" programme.
The Alliance Française Annecy cannot be held responsible for any difficulties in obtaining a long-stay visa or residence permit upon presentation of a certificate of pre-registration or registration in one of its courses.


To register, you must:

  • fill in the registration sections on the Alliance Française Annecy's website, or complete the registration form directly at the Alliance.
  • pay the tuition fees no later than four weeks before the start of the classes. If you register less than four weeks before, the full amount will be due as soon as you get the receipt.

Accommodation fees in host families will be paid directly to the families. The conditions of sale for accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday centres, etc. are specific to each establishment and independent of the Alliance Française Annecy. Payment can be made: by credit card, cheque in euros, bank transfer, cash. Return it: by post: Alliance Française Annecy, 12 Boulevard du Lycée, 74000 ANNECY, France; or drop it off directly at the Alliance.

The student’s level will be evaluated by the Alliance française (the assessment test is mandatory). No student can choose which class they will attend.

Financial conditions

  • Course and registration fees must be paid at least four weeks before the start of the classes.After this deadline, you will only be able to register within the limit of available places.
  • Registration fees (60€) are valid during twelve months after your registration. They are non-refundable.
    All students who register for more than 12 months do not need to pay them again. Students will have to pay the registration fees again only in case they leave the school for more than 6 months.
  • Any month started must be fully paid, no refund can be claimed.


Your payment must be made in euros. You can pay by credit card at the Alliance Francaise Annecy or by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque: payable to Alliance Française Annecy. Cheques from foreign banks and American Express cards are not accepted.
  • -Bank transfer: you will have to add 50€ to cover the bank charges (10€ for European citizens). Our bank account information in order to make the transfer is indicated on the cost estimate.

Important: Whichever way of payment you choose, do not forget to put the student’s name and the dates of the classes.

Administrative formalities

The student or the person in charge of the group must introduce himself/herself at the reception desk of the Alliance Française on the first day of classes, and provide the following documents: proof of ID (identity card, residence permit or passport with a visa covering the length of the study period); ID photo; a receipt proving the payment of all school fees or the certificate of registration.


If you wish to stay longer than three months and are not a member of the European Community you need to ask for a long-term visa (or a “long-term study visa”). At your request, we will send you a certificate of registration. If you entered French territory with a visa or residence permit with a certificate from the Alliance, you have the obligation to attend the classes for the duration indicated on the certificate. Otherwise, no refunds will be possible and we will have to inform the prefecture. Should your visa application be denied, the Alliance will refund the sums already transferred, less the bank charges, the registration fees and a 150€ charge. Important: to benefit from a refund, you must send to the school the original document delivered by the Embassy or the French consulate.

Adjournment and cancellation

In case of late cancellation, charges will come to 250€.

Withdrawal: 7 days or 14 days

Every student has a right of withdrawal from his registration, without having to justify a reason. This 7-day (or 14-day if contract was signed over the internet) withdrawal period starts from the date of acceptance by the student of the general terms and conditions of registration. When the seven-day or fourteen-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday or non-working day, it is extended until the first following working day. The student wishing to make use of their right of withdrawal must notify it in writing, within the legal time limits indicated above, by e-mail or by post to the following address Alliance Française Annecy, 12 Boulevard du Lycée, 74000 ANNECY, France.


Students who wish to cancel their registration must inform the Alliance no later than 2 weeks before the start of their course by returning the original registration certificate. An allowance of 250€ will be withheld for administrative costs. If the notice period (2 weeks) is not respected, a sum corresponding to one month's course will be withheld.

Postponing the course:

Students have the right to defer their registration to the courses for a maximum of 6 months. Only one postponement is allowed, subject to validation by the Alliance Française Annecy of a written request at least 15 calendar days before the date initially planned for the start of the course.

After the course has started:

Once the classes have started, and in case of absence from one or more courses, no refund will be accepted for any reason whatsoever. However, in the event of serious illness and/or incapacity, duly justified by a medical certificate, preventing the student from attending the courses for a period of more than 4 consecutive weeks, the student may request reimbursement of school fees on a pro rata basis for the courses not attended (excluding the annual registration fee, which is retained by the Alliance Française Annecy, and any bank charges incurred) or the postponement of these courses for a period limited to 6 months after the date of interruption of the courses. The written request, together with the supporting documents, must reach the Alliance Française Annecy no later than 15 calendar days after the date of interruption of the courses. Any postponement granted is non-refundable and non-transferable to the account of other students.

Reminder: a postponement of one day of classes is exceptionally granted on presentation of a receipt. It is the students' responsibility to keep up to date with the courses they have missed.

Specific case for private lessons:

Course postponements may be permitted on condition that the postponed course dates fall between the start and end dates of the contract and that the request for postponement is made no later than 24 hours (not including weekends) before the scheduled course time. Otherwise, it will not be refunded or postponed. No postponement of the end date of the course will be accepted.

The Alliance Française Annecy reserves the right to cancel a registration for a private lesson in case of unavailability of a teacher 2 weeks after registration. In this case, the full amount of the corresponding school fees will be refunded to the intern. If this cancellation affects the totality of the courses chosen by the student, the annual registration fee will also be refunded.

Delays and modifications to programme

In order not to disrupt the classes, students who arrive at class more than 10 minutes late will have to wait for the break before joining their class. No change of pace and schedule can be accepted once the initially chosen course program has started. The Alliance Française Annecy reserves the right to modify, if necessary, the course timetable and schedule, provided that the student or group leader is informed in advance.
Alliance Française Annecy reserves the right to modify, if necessary, the course schedules and timetable, subject to advising the student or group leader beforehand.


Stay in a host family:

By choosing to stay with a host family, the intern agrees to follow their rules and the country’s, and to get used to the local customs. Interns have to be capable of being independent, adapting, and taking initiatives.

  • Under no circumstances the intern can use the host family’s phone without permission. Any communication will be charged. 
  • Cigarettes, alcohol: prohibited to minors. 
  • Drugs’ use will lead to an immediate expulsion 
  • Even adults over the age of 18 can be expelled if they spend a whole night out without informing their host family beforehand.

The payment of the stay will be made directly to the family.

Other accommodation:

The Alliance Française Annecy provides a list of accommodation at different establishments such as hotels, holiday cottages, campsites, guest houses, holiday centres. However, the payment will be made directly between the student and the establishment chosen. Each structure has its own terms and conditions of sale, on which the Alliance Française cannot intervene.


Our prices do not include the cost of the travel. You have to get to the Alliance by your own means. If you are staying with a host family, you need to inform the Alliance of the time of your arrival and your departure as well as your plane/train’s number 4 weeks before your stay at the latest. Make sure to respect the time slots for arrival and departure of each accommodation structure (between 8 am and 10 pm for host families).


In case of bad conduct, inappropriate behaviour, or negative state of mind of a participant, the Alliance reserves the right to dismiss them at any time..

Attendance certificate

The intern must attend classes assiduously. A certificate of attendance can be delivered on request.

Use of Image

The Alliance Française Annecy may take pictures of its students to illustrate its website, its advertising documents or social networks, unless the interns or their supervisors disagree. In that case, a written notice must be sent to us at the beginning of the stay.


Before coming to France, make sure that you are well insured; health, accident and civil liability insurances are the student’s responsibility. Under 18 students are under the full responsibility of their supervisors.

Luggage and personal belongings

The transport company is liable for the late delivery or damages to the students’ luggage during the trip and will pay off a compensation, if necessary. In case of a loss, address your complaints to the company and not the Alliance Française Annecy. The Alliance Française Annecy decline all responsibilities for theft, damaging or loss of the interns’ personal belonging.