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General Conditions of Sale

To register, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration. Minors of less than 18 years of age may still register, but in the context of a School Exchange.
Alliance Française Annecy does not accept responsibility for any difficulties in obtaining a long stay visa or residence permit, on presentation of a certificate of pre-registrationor registration in one of its courses.


To register, you must:

  • read the registration information on the Alliance Française Annecy website, or complete the registration form in person, at the Alliance.
  • pay the tuition fees no later than four weeks before the start of the course.If registration takes place less than four weeks before the start of the course, the full amount must be paid on receipt of the invoice.

The costs of home hosting should be paid direct to the Alliance. Conditions of sale for lodgings in hotels, self-catering accommodation, bed and breakfast, holiday centres, etc are unique to each establishment and are independent of Alliance Française Annecy.
Payment can be made by credit or debit card, cheque (in euros), bank transfer or cash.
Post to: Alliance Française Annecy, 12 Boulevard du Lycée, 74000 ANNECY, France; or hand it in to the Alliance.

The student's level is decided by Alliance Française (an assessment must be undertaken).Students may not choose the level of course in which they will participate.

Financial conditions

  • Course and registration fees must be paid at least four weeks before the start of the course.After that time, you may register if places are still available.
  • Registration fees (60€) are valid for twelve months from the date of registration.They are non-refundable.
  • Any month which has been started must be paid for in full, and no refund will be made.


Your payment must be made in euros. You can pay by credit or debit card on the Alliance Française Annecy website, or in

  • Cash
  • Cheque: made payable to Alliance Française Annecy. Neither cheques drawn on foreign banks nor American Express cards are accepted.
  • Bank transfer: please add 50 € to cover bank charges (10 € for European nationals).Details of our bank account, to make your bank transfer, are shown on the invoice,

Important: No matter which method of payment you choose, remember to give the student's name and the course dates.

Administrative formalities

The student or group leader must go to Alliance Française Annecy reception on the first day of the course, taking the following documents: proof of identity (ID card, resident's permit or passport with a visa covering the study period); a passport-type photograph; the receipt for payment in full of tuition fees or the registration certificate.


If you wish to make a stay of more than 3 months, and are not a member of the European Community, you must request a long stay visa (or long-stay student visa). We can supply you with a Registration Certificate on request. If you have obtained a visa which allows you to enter on French territory, or a resident's permit, using an Alliance Française Annecy certificate, you must attend courses for the period stated on the certificate. Failing that, you will not receive a refund under any circumstances, and we shall have to advise the Prefecture.

Should your visa application be refused, the Alliance will refund you any sums already paid, less bank charges. Important: to obtain a refund, you must send the school the original document which you will have received from the Embassy or the French Consulate.
In case of late cancellation (three calendar days before the start of the course),cancellation fees will rise to 250€.

Postponement and cancellation

7 day cooling-off period:

every applicant has the right to withdraw his application for registration within seven days, without having to give a reason. This cooling-off period runs from the applicant's date of acceptance of the terms and general conditions of registration. Should the seven days expire on a Saturday or Sunday, a holiday or a non-working day, it is extended until the next working day. Any applicant wishing to take advantage of his right to withdraw must notify his intention, within the legal deadline indicated above, by e-mail or by writing to the following address: Alliance Française Annecy, 12 Boulevard du Lycée, 74000 ANNECY, France


any student wishing to cancel his registration must inform the Alliance at least two weeks before the start of his course, by returning the original registration certificate.An administrative charge of 100€ will be made. In case of failure to respect the advance notice period (2 weeks), a sum equivalent to one month's course fees will be retained.

Postponing the course:

the student may defer his registration on the course for a maximum of six months. Only one postponement is accepted, subject to Alliance Française Annecy receiving a written request at least 15 days before the date originally proposed for the start of the course.

After the course has started:

once courses have begun, and in the case of absence from one or more courses, no postponement or refund will be accepted, under any circumstances. However, in the case of sudden serious illness and/or incapacity, duly proven by a medical certificate, which prevent the student from attending courses for a period of over four consecutive weeks, the student can ask for the refund of fees pro rata to the courses not taken (with the exception of the annual right of registration which remains vested in the Alliance Française Annecy, and of any banking charges) or the postponement of these courses for a period no longer than six months from the date of interruption of the courses. In the case of postponement or cancellation, calculating the weekly cost of the course will take into account the actual number of weeks taken consecutively, with a deduction made of any cancelled or postponed weeks. The written request, accompanied by documentary proof, must reach Alliance Française Annecy no more than 15 days after the date of interrupting the course. Any postponement granted is neither refundable nor transferable to benefit other students.

Specific case for private lessons:

Postponement of courses may be authorised on condition that the date of the postponed courses fall between the start and end date of the contract, and that the request for postponements is made no more than24 hours ( not including weekends) before the time planned for the course. Failing that, it can be neither refunded nor postponed.
No postponement of the date of finishing the course can be accepted.
Alliance Française Annecy reserves the right to cancel any registration for private lessons in the case of the lack of teaching availability, two weeks after registration. In this case all other related tuition fees will also be refunded to the student.
If this cancellation affects all courses selected by the student, the annual registration fee would also be refunded.

Delays and modifications to programme

To avoid interrupting classes, any student arriving more then ten minutes late will have to wait for the break before going into the class.
No changes to frequency or timetable can be accepted once the course programme originally chosen has begun.
Alliance Française Annecy reserves the right to modify, if necessary, the course schedules and timetable, subject to advising the student or group leader beforehand.


Lodging with a host family:

in choosing a host family, the student accepts that he must abide by and adapt to the family's way of life, the country and local customs. Students must be independent, adaptable and have an enterprising spirit.

  • on no account may students use the host family's telephone without permission:he must pay for any calls
  • cigarettes, alcohol: not permitted for minors
  • drug: the consumption of any drug will lead to immediate expulsion
  • even for older students, being out all night without having let the host family know can be grounds for expulsion.

Payment of the host family is effected directly between Alliance Française Annecy and the family.

Other accommodation:

Alliance Française Annecy can supply a list of lodgings, such as hotels, self-catering accommodation, camp sites, bed and breakfasts and holiday centres. However, payment of the nightly rate should be carried out directly between the student and the accommodation chosen. The conditions of sale are appropriate to each type of accommodation. Under those conditions, Alliance Française may not intervene.


These costs are not included in our rates. You must arrange your own transport as far as Alliance Française. In the case of accommodation with a host family, you must advise Alliance Française of your times of arrival and departure, as well as the flight/train numbers, at least four weeks before your stay. Be sure to respect the times of arrival and departure for each type of accommodation (for host families, arrival and departure should be between 8 am and 10pm).


In the case of bad behaviour, unusual conduct or an inappropriate attitude of any student, the Alliance reserves the right to expel him at any time.

Certificate of Diligence

The student must study the course diligently. An Attendance Certificate will be provided on request.

Use of Image

Alliance Française Annecy may take photographs of its students for use to illustrate its website, its advertising material and its social networks, unless otherwise specified by the students or group leaders involved.This written advice must reach us at the beginning of the stay.


Before coming to France, you should ensure that you are properly insured: health insurance, accident insurance and public liabiliity insurance are the responsibility of the student.Any student under the age of 18 remains the full responsibility of his group leader.

Luggage and personal belongings

Any delay or damage caused to students' luggage during their journeys should be dealt with by the transport company responsible.If necessary, it will pay compensation. In case of loss, please contact the company involved and not Alliance Française Annecy.
Alliance Française Annecy declines all responsibility for thefts, damage, or loss of students' personal effects.