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Our French courses

In the course of your registration, you will have to take a compulsory on-line test, which will help us to match our teaching to your needs.

From 6 - 12 students maximum

According to your level, these courses will allow you to learn about the many and varied aspects of French culture, based on language and grammar but also in a more general way through literature, newspapers, history, cinema...

  • You will improve your language ability by studying a variety of original documents.
  • You'll learn to speak fluently and to write accurately.
  • You'll work with great efficiency to prepare for the DELF and DALF tests.


4 Modules

For everyone, and to every request, we respond in the way best suited to your needs.
Content and timetable are worked out between the teacher and the student.


2 Modules

We provide, on request, courses in professional French adapted to the specific needs of your business: medical, legal, tourism, etc.
The frequency of the courses, as well as the location (Alliance, or in the company's premises) are agreed with the student.
Contact us to discuss the programme.

2 Modules

Groups consist of maximum 10 students. Classes are adapted to the timetable and working hours of the young Au Pair. 

1 Module

The Alliance Française Annecy regularly welcomes groups of learners coming from all over the world: 

  • groups  of pupils with their teachers 
  • groups of adults already established

We work on a tailor-made programme designed to your specific needs and desires. 

The language stays we organise are both educational and entertaining.
The proximity with Switzerland enables us to organize visits of international organisms such as the Red Cross Museum or the UN.
For total immersion we can provide accomodation through a host family. 
French classes take place in the morning and sports or cultural activities take place in the afternoon.
Contact us to work on a tailor-made programme for you, we will send you a quotation. 

2 Modules

Groupe Niveaux