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VISA requirementsfor your long or short stays

The various existing categories of visas will cover all the requests of foreign students wishing to visit France.
The Cultural Departments of the different Embassies, as well as the Centres for Studies in France (CEF), are responsible for checking foreign students' academic projects.

The Consular Services are in charge of processing all visa applications, according to the regulations in force.

If you are a native of a country in the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland, then you do not need a visa.
If you come from a country which is does not require a tourist visa, you can come to study in the French Alliance without a visa for a period less than, or equal to, three months.

We differentiate between long- and short-stay student visas.

Short-stay student visa

This visa allows a student to come to France for studying purposes for a period not exceeding three months. Students wishing to follow language courses, or any other short-term training course, can request this visa which exempts theholder from requiring a residence permit within the territory, and which is not renewable. You must leave France at its expiry date.

Visa for sitting exams

This visa allows its holder to appear for an interview or an entrance examination in a public or private establishment of higher educationIf he succeeds, the student may request from the Prefecture, without returning to his home country, a renewable residence permit for one year.

Long-stay student visa

This student visa is essential for non-European students who come to follow their studies in France. It allows them to enter on to French territory.
If you wish to study in France for more than three months, you must request, before departure, a long-stay student from the French consular service.
We advise you to apply to our Courts at least 8 weeks before your intended arrival in France.
On reception of your registration form, we will send you a registration Certificate, which is necessary for your visa application.
You must commit a minimum number of hours per week to obtain a visa, so you must be registered on intensive courses as well as on additional workshops.

Temporary long-stay student visa

This visa allows its holder to follow a study course of three to six months in a public or private establishment of higher education It is not renewable, and exempts the holder from requiring a residence permit during his studies in France. The holder may not stay for more than six months on French national territory.

Long-stay student visa

This visa is granted to foreign students who wish to pursue their studies in a public or private institution of higher education for a period greater than six months. It allows his holder to request, in the two months following his arrival in France, a residence permit for one year which is renewable at the Prefecture in his place of residence.