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For all those who'd like to speak French
come and join the Alliance Française!


  • You're a student and you want to prepare for an exam.

  • You're an adult and want to prepare for the DELF or DALF test to prove you proficiency in French, e.g. to apply for French nationality.

  • You're an au pair girl or a seasonal worker and you want to be able to express yourself as soon as possible.

  • You've just come to live in Annecy and you want to take part in the local life.

  • You want to be able to get through a job interview and find work.

  • You're travelling, and you want to take some French classes to make the most of your stay.

  • You want to take a holiday in Annecy and do something useful and enjoyable.

  • You've formed a group, and want bespoke logistics and organization.

  • You’re teachers, and you want to arrange a language exchange for your students.

  • You're a professional and you need to learn some specific vocabulary.


Why take French lessons?

French is spoken all over the world

by more than 270,000,000 people, in 120 countries and regions on the planet. It's the fifth most spoken language in the world.

A language to come and study in France, or in a French-speaking country

you’ll have new experiences and acquire skills which will allow you to follow a course at university

A language to find a job

speaking a foreign language is a bonus on a CV

It's ‘the other language’ in international relations

It's spoken in the European Parliament, at UNO and in many leading European and worldwide authorities

It's a useful language for travelling and opening up the world

you’ll have the command of a language other than your own, and will become a global citizen

It's pleasant language to listen to, and to learn

It's rich and melodious, and has many fascinating linguistic subtleties!

It's the language of love, and of the emotions

French is the language of poetry and song, as well as of literature and philosophy. It's the language of Molière!

It's the language of culture

It will give you access to the world of good food, fashion and the art of the French life-style, not forgetting architecture, painting and the cinema!/p>