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I would like to apply for a long-stay visa in order to study french. I want to know which courses I must attend.
You must justify a minimum of 15 to 20 hours of classes per week (depending on the embassy) to be eligible for a long-stay study visa. This is why we recommend the intensive courses which take place every day from 9am to 12pm.

I would like to take courses only for a few weeks. Is this possible?

Yes, the minimum course duration is one week, and there is no maximum. You can come on vacation to Annecy and take advantage of your stay here to improve your level of French.

I am a complete beginner, can I join your courses at any time?
No, the beginners' courses must be integrated at the beginning of the period to avoid too great differences in level. However, for all other levels, you can join the classes which level is closest to you at any time. We will have you take an evaluation test to check your level beforehand.

What are the fees and course options?
You can have a look at our brochure. It will give you an overview of our courses and prices.  

I would like to stay in France in total immersion (course and host family), is it possible?
Yes, the Alliance Française Annecy offers total immersion stays. Depending on your expectations, we offer you host families that we know personally and have complete trust.  More about it.


I need to prove to the Prefecture my level of French to obtain a residence permit or French nationality. Which test should I take?

You can prove your level of French to the Prefecture, by taking the DELF A2 exam for the residence permit and the DELF B1 exam for the nationality.

What should I do to register for the exams?

You will find in the exam section the registration form for the next available exam. You can send us the complete file (completed registration form + photocopy of your ID + proof of bank transfer) either by mail, e-mail or directly to our reception desk.

What is the number of points required to pass the DELF/DALF exam?

The exam consists of 4 tests: oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production and oral production. 
Each test is marked out of 25 points, i.e. 100 points in total. The pass mark for obtaining the diploma is: 50/100. The minimum mark required per test is 5/25. 

How do I get my certificate of achievement?  

Certificates of achievement can be picked up at the reception desk of the Alliance Française Annecy during opening hours. You will need to bring an identity document. Upon request, the certificate can also be sent by e-mail.    

How long after taking the exam will I get the result? 

It takes about a month to obtain your result and the certificate of success. The diploma is generally available 4 months after the exam. Follow us on social networks and check the news on our website: we announce the arrival of the certificates of success and diplomas.

I still have not received my diploma, when will it be available?

Diplomas must pass through the rectorate. It can take several months before the Alliance Française Annecy has the official diplomas.
Follow us on social networks: we will make an announcement as soon as we receive them. 
If you have any doubts, please note that all useful information is written on the notification to the examination that is sent a couple of weeks before the exam. And more information can be given the day you take the exam.

I won't be able to pick up my diploma, can you send it to me?
If you are not able to pick up your diploma, you can give us an A4 envelope with your address and a cheque or transfer amounting to 10 €. As soon as we receive your diploma, we will send it over to you by registered mail.

Language holidays

I am a teacher and I would like to offer a language stay to my students. Can I choose a personalized program?

Yes, we offer standard or personalised programmes: sports, culture, education, gastronomy, ... 
Students have the possibility of staying with a local family, alone or in pairs. As far as possible, we try to place the young people in families with young people of the same age.
We encourage you to apply about 6 months in advance. For more information, please click here.

How do I get an estimate? 

Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone and together we will draw up a programme adapted to your expectations.