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The Alliance Française d'Annecy
A multi-cultural meeting-place

The Alliance Française d'Annecy welcomes non French-speaking pupils; it aims to be a platform for exchanging, sharing and passing on information between the cultures.

If you have a taste for languages and cultural exchanges,
if you'd like to share your own culture and learn about others,
if you want to work towards creating links, and for French-speaking countries,
Come and study French at the Alliance Française d'Annecy!
You’ll meet students from all over the world, and can take part in entertainments and different types of cultural activities.

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Improve your French with the Alliance Française d'Annecy

The Alliance Française d’Annecy offers group or individual courses at all levels, tailor-made for your needs.
These courses open your eyes to French culture, because learning a language is also the way to gain a fuller understanding of the country: that is why the Alliance Française systematically adds a cultural dimension to its courses. Our team consists of experienced, approachable teachers, all qualified to teach French as a Foreign Language..

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la fuite du temps
Exposition Guler KUMRU  " La fuite du temps "  Du 08 janvier au 14 février   
Assistance with expatriation
Geographic mobility   
Cours filles au Pair
Cours pour les  Filles au Pair